The Institute for International Economics A department of the Chamber of Commerce in Genova, with the aim of encouraging research on international economics issues.

The Institute for International Economics was officially opened in November 1946, attended by the Italian President Enrico De Nicola with the participation of authorities, economic operators and academics from all over Italy.

The Institute’s mission was to create a strong centre of scientific culture in international economics in Genova. The work of the Institute continues today promoting research in international economics with a view to contribute to its advancement.

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03 May 2018

Latest news from Southern Mediterranean Sea

Latest news of January_April 2018

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07 March 2018

1948-2018: 70th Anniversary of Economia Internazionale/International Economics

A little bit of history: eminent economists’ contributions to Economia Internazionale/International Economics (among others even Nobel Prize...

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08 February 2018

Acknowledgement to Referees

Our reviewers perform a valuable professional service that is essential to the success of Economia Internazionale/International Economics since...

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01 February 2018
Volume 71 - Issue 1

Latest issue of the review


Main topics:

The Political Connotation of International Trade and Globalisation: A Common Misunderstanding

Does Weak Macroeconomic Performance Affect Voter Turnout? An Analysis Accounting for the 'Joshua Generation Effect'

Modeling Life Expectancy Improvement in the Kuwaiti Population

Firms Controlled by Owners and Managerial Firms: The 'Strategic' Trade Policy Game Revisited

Regime-Shifts, Multicointegration and Fiscal Sustainability: Further Evidence on Poland (1999-2015)


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