News and Events Below all the news and events organized by Istituto di Economia Internazionale and
the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa. To see the history consult the archive.

28 December 2021

New Members of the Scientific Council

We congratulate and welcome the new Members of the Scientific Council: Eugenia Baroncelli (Università di Bologna, Italy) Lorenzo Bini...
28 December 2021

Letter to the Readers

Dear readers, It is an honour for me to assume the Directorate of Economia Internazionale/International...
02 November 2021

Congratulations to the new Editor in Chief

Three months after the sad passing of Professor Amato, the Chamber of Commerce of Genova has appointed Professor Giovanni Battista Pittaluga as the...
23 February 2021

Acknowledgement to Referees

We believe referees’ work is of utmost importance for the quality and integrity of scientific research. We would like to thank all referees who...
15 February 2021

Congratulations Professor Cingolani!

It is a great honour for the Institute for International Economics to count the new Italian Minister for the Ecological transition among the...
11 January 2021

Dear Scholars, dear Referees, dear Readers

We hope that you are keeping safe wherever you are. The year 2020 is one that will never be forgotten. Pandemic is a truly life changing experience...
19 November 2020

November issue published online!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the special issue of Economia Internazionale/International Economics - THE PROSPECTS FOR INTERNATIONAL...
01 October 2020

A little bit of history

A little bit of history: eminent economists’ contributions to Economia Internazionale/International Economics (among others even Nobel Prize...
05 June 2018

Congratulations Professor Savona!

It is a great honour for the Institute for International Economics to count the new Italian Minister for European Affairs among the members of the...
09 November 2017

Termites of the State. Why Complexity Leads to Inequality

Coming soon (with Cambridge University Press) by Professor Vito Tanzi, member of the Scientific Board of Economia Internazionale/International...
20 May 2017

19 May 2017: Meeting of the Scientific Board of Economia Internazionale/International Economics

After more than one year since the launch of the new website of the Institute for International Economics,, the Scientific Board of...
05 December 2016

Africa: Challenges and Perspectives - Meeting at Genoa Chamber of Commerce, December 16

The Genoa Chamber of Commerce together with DISPO Department of the University of Genoa organizes a conference about business opportunities in...
08 November 2016

SSRN Top Ten download list

The paper "EMERGING MEGA-INTEGRATION BLOCS: LIMITS AND PROSPECTS" (by M. Jovanovic - Economia Internazionale/International Economics no. 4 November...
23 March 2016

Economia Internazionale / International Economics: submissions

Besides usual economic research topics, Economia Internazionale/International Economics encourages the submission of papers relating to Northern...
23 February 2016

International Economics

The review of the Institute changes its look: from February 2016, the periodical is digital and ‘open access’ at