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Premio “Economia Internazionale”

Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Full professor of political economics at Università Cattolica, Milan

Premio “Francesco Manzitti”

Flavio Repetto, Elah Dufour Spa


The “Economia Internazionale/International Economics” Prize is awarded to Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Full Professor in Economics at Milan’s Cattolica University. His considerable work in the area of international economics and on the question of European unification offers rigorous analysis, historical awareness and a profound knowledge of institutional settings that are rarely found in the contributions of contemporary economists.

Professor Quadrio Curzio has provided important new insights in many areas of economics, including the problematical question of the relation between ethics and finance, which the recent financial crisis has starkly exposed over the last two years. On the question of ethics and finance, worthy of mention is Quadrio Curzio’s chairmanship of the Scientific Committee of the Vatican Foundation Centesimus Annus, whose members include, amongst others, Michel Camdessus, former governor of the Bank of France, and Hans Tietmeyer, former governor of the Bundesbank.

Quadrio Curzio is Deputy Chairman of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. He was Chairman of the Italian Society of Economists and member of the of the General Council of the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche). He is the author of more than 350 publications, many of which for

British journals. One of his works has been translated into Chinese. He is the founder and editor of “Economia Politica – Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics”, member of the Editorial Committee of the reviews “Structural Change and Economic Dynamics” (Oxford University Press) and “Journal of Policy Modelling” (Elsevier Science).

His works in the area of international economics include “Noi, l’economia e l’Europa”, which received the Cortina Ulisse International Prize, and “Sussidiarietà e Sviluppo. Paradigmi per l’Europa e per l’Italia”, winner of the Capri – San Michele Prize. It gives me particular pleasure to point out that both works were warmly praised when reviewed by “Economia Internazionale/International Economics”.

Finally, he is the author of “Economisti ed Economia. Per un’Italia europea: paradigmi tra il XVIII e il XX secolo”, published in 2007. Professor Quadrio Curzio has given lessons and presented papers in Mexico City, Geneva, Jakarta, Moscow, Madrid, the United States, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Vienna. I would also like to thank him for having accepted on several occasions my invitations to participate in conferences held here in the Genoa Chamber of Commerce.

He is Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Fondazione Edison and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Fondazione Mattioli and the General Council of the Aspen Institute Italia.


Flavio Repetto started his entrepreneurial career as a young man and today is the founder of a group that includes companies such as Elah Dufour S.p.A., Baratti & Milano S.p.A., GR Generale Ristorazione S.p.A., which employ more than 500 persons and export food and confectionary products to the European (France, Spain and Austria) and United States markets.

Although exports account for a significant part of production, his group’s internationalisation activities also include the direct coordination, above all in Ecuador and the Ivory Coast/Ghana, of many cocoa growers and harvesters cooperatives. In this way, control of each stage – from picking to fermentation, from drying to packing – is in the hands of local firms situated directly in the area of production as is control of the loading process at the ports of Guayaquil and Abdijan. Control of every stage in the production process, regardless of where a firm is located, enables Flavio Repetto’s businesses to guarantee permanently the highest levels of production quality, a feature that plays an essential part in maintaining competitiveness throughout the group. Control also allows his companies to limit the effects on production costs caused by the extreme volatility of commodity prices, which are pathologically subject to speculation. For his services to the Italian economy he was made Cavaliere del Lavoro.

In 2004 Flavio Repetto was awarded an honorary degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Genoa, in recognition of the important technological innovations introduced during the production process by his companies.

He is also chairman of the publishers Casa Editrice Marietti, the Italian banking foundation Fondazione Carige, and board member of the Gerolamo Gaslini Foundation.