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Premio “Economia Internazionale”

Innocenzo Cipolletta, Full professor of economics at Università La Sapienza, Rome

Premio “Francesco Manzitti”

Ugo Salerno, RINA SpA


The International Economics Prize for 2014 is awarded to Innocenzo Cipoletta, previously professor of Economics at Sapienza University of Rome, at  LUISS Guido Carli in Rome,  at Cesare Alfieri, Florence, and at the University of Reggio Calabria. Innocenzo Cipolletta, whilst an undergraduate in statistical sciences, completed an internship at the European Economic Community in Brussels in 1964. After graduating, he was a functionary at the OECD in Paris from 1967 to 1968. Both these international experiences were of benefit to him in his time at the  ISCO (Istituto nazionale per lo studio della congiuntura), an institute controlled by the then Italian Ministero del Bilancio, where he focused on economic forecasting.

From 1970 to 1985, he was a member of a group of economists that carried out periodic economic analyses of developed countries for the EEC and OECD.  A fellow representative of Italy in the group was the former Governor of the Bank of Italy and President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

At that time, he was also member of the AIECE (Association d’Instituts Européen de Conjoncture Economique), of which he was President from 1981 to 1985.

During his time at the Italian Business Confederation Confindustria (1985-2000), he was part of UNICE, the Union of Industrial and Employers’ Confederations of Europe. Subsequent positions included the Chairmanship of Marzotto, at that time controlling shareholder of the Germany company, Hugo Boss.

He is currently President of UBS Italia Sim, part of the global financial services provider UBS, and President of the University of Trent.

His publications include Banchieri, Politici e Militari. Passato e futuro delle crisi globali (2010), a cogent analysis of the major crises of the post-war era and the links between political/military events and global economics.

The Institute of International Economics is honoured to award the 2014 Prize to an expert who has long-represented Italy at the European institutional level and has contributed, by joining his entrepreneurial and academic activities, to the development of new internationalisation strategies.


This year’s Francesco Manzitti Prize goes to Ugo Salerno, CEO and Chairman of RINA SpA.

Ugo Salerno, a naval engineer, began his career in academia, but soon realised that he preferred other challenges in the world of business.

His career in the world of shipping started in 1977 in Genoa. After a series of increasingly important positions in various firms he was appointed RINA’s CEO in 2002. 

The history of the Italian Naval Register dates back to 1861 with the first classing of ships requiring insurance cover; 340 ships in the first year of operations. The next ten years saw the creation of an international network, which included the opening of an office in Shanghai in 1885. In 1921, the Registro Navale was officially established with its legal headquarters in Rome and administrative headquarters in Genoa.

Growth continued and 1999 saw the transfer from Registro Italiano Navale to RINA S.p.A., a joint stock company set up in Genoa by Registro Italiano Navale, which is the reference shareholder.

Since then, RINA has provided services not only to Italian clients, but to all shipowners in the countries where it operates. Today, RINA has 163 offices in 57 countries and 2,500 employees.

Under Ugo Salerno, RINA has diversified its activities from a single-sector to a multi-business organisation. Whilst remaining independent, it now operates in the fields of classification, service and product certification, services for industry, training and research. 

As CEO, Ugo Salerno has mastered the reorganisation of the company, enabling it to become in 2012 a vibrant and growing multinational group. To mark its 150 years, RINA was declared an historic Italian firm (Impresa storica d’Italia) by UNIONCAMERE, the Union of Chambers of Commerce. In the same year, Ugo Salerno was appointed Company Chairman.

The jury of International Economics is honoured to present the 2014 Francesco Manzitti Prize to a man whose belief in innovation and creativity has helped to put Genoa on the world map.