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Premio “Economia Internazionale”

Lucrezia Reichlin, Full professor of economics, London Business School

Premio “Francesco Manzitti”

Augusto Cosulich, Fratelli Cosulich SpA


The Institute of International Economics awards the “Economia Internazionale” 2015 prize to Lucrezia Reichlin, Professor  of Economics at the London Business School.

Lucrezia Reichlin graduated in Economics at the University of Modena and she obtained a doctorate degree (the PhD Diploma) at the New York University. She is currently full professor of economics at the London Business School.

Her work has currently great significance for originality and relevance. For sake of brevity, we are obliged to make a selection.

As regards current positions, Professor Reichlin is:

  • President of Now-CASTING Economics Limited;
  • Counselor and member of the Risk Committee of Unicredit Banking Group;
  • Counselor and member of the Risk Committee of Ageas Insurance Group;
  • Counselor of Messaggerie Italiane Group;
  • Member of Commission Economique de la Nation;
  • President of Scientific Council of Bruegel Center, Bruxelles;
  • Counselor of Italian Institute of Tecnology;
  • Counselor of International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies of Geneva;
  • Executive member of Center for Economic Research – Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) of Prague;
  • Member of Advisory Board of Spaengler IQAM Center of Vienna;
  • Member of Advisory Board, Center for Applied Financial Economics, Los Angeles;
  • Member of Board, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI), Bank of Spain;
  • Member of Advisory Board of Centre de Recerca en Economia Enternacional (CREI);
  • Member of the Council of CREST, Paris;
  • Member of Advisory Board of the Centre for International Macroeconomics and Finance, Cambridge.

Soon, she is going to publish her works on the necessity of the European Central Bank to continue with the quantitative easing policies together with appropriate and coordinated policies by Governments.

It is a great honor for the Institute of International Economics to award the 2015 prize to a scholar which contributes to find economic policy strategies  in the current difficult phase of European economy.


Since 1982, Augusto Cosulich has been the C.E.O. of Fratelli Cosulich SPA, the family company active since 1857 as shipowners. Under his leadership, the company undertakes an important international expansion. In 1988, he created  the first equal partnership in Italy with a society of Chinese Government – China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO). In the 1990s, a joint-venture with an Iranian shipping company IRISL (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line) was established and it was set up the Agency IRITAL, focused on representing the IRISL services in Italy. Augusto Cosulich was the C.E.O. of IRITAL until 2009, when, because of well-known sanctions, IRITAL stopped its activity. Thanks to the cancellation of sanctions, IRITAL will soon be active again. Thereafter, in the 2000s, he developed the presence in Turkey, United Kingdom and Ireland and in 2012 he realized in Italy an equal partnership with the Turkish group called Arkas, one of the most important shipowners and logistic society of Turkey. Since its birth, Fratelli Cosulich has specialized in different fields of shipping, diversifying its activities and making possible a continuous and sustained growth thanks to several partnerships and acquisitions.

Today the society deals with handling of containers, bunkering, trading and many other activities. The company has developed a presence in  the industrial field and in acoustic insulation. In 2013, it acquired Saidelli SRL, a company specializing in services for cruise ships. The Group has its registered office in Trieste and the operating base in Genoa. It has also offices in Milan, Venice, Ravenna, Naples and Savona. At the international level, the society is in operation in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil and United States. The Group has achieved in 2014 a turnover of 1.126 billion of euros and employs 946 workers. On 21 May 2014, Augusto Cosulich has been appointed as Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Republic.

It is a a great honor to award  the prize “Francesco Manzitti” 2015 to an operator, which with his important entrepreneurial activity, has made a great contribution to the process of internationalization of Italian economy.