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Premio “Economia Internazionale”

Paolo Savona, Professor Emeritus of political economics

Premio “Francesco Manzitti”

Giuseppe Zampini, Ansaldo Energia SpA


The first edition of the International Economics Prize is awarded to Professor Paolo Savona.

Paolo Savona is first and foremost a great scholar, but on many occasions the Italian economic and political world has enlisted his help; thus, in order to meet contingent needs, as illustrated by great men of our recent history like Guido Carli and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, alongside his activity as a researcher, he has also worked in company management and as a civil servant.

He has chaired some of the biggest industrial and finance companies in Italy and has held important public offices including the office of Minister for Industry in the Ciampi government of 1993, always operating with great efficiency and offering a profound innovative vision.

Fundamentally, however, his character remains that of a university professor and researcher through and through, and this is a trait he has transferred to his non strictly academic roles. 

He has been professor of Economic and Financial Policy at the LUISS business school, director of the Department of Economic Research and co-author of the first econometric model of the Bank of Italy. He has also carried out research at the Federal Reserve in Washington.

As director of Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry) in accordance with the wishes of Guido Carli, he set up a Department of Economic Analysis which soon became one of the most important reference points at international level.

Paolo Savona has directly carried out wide-ranging and rigorous research in the field of international economics pointing, in particular, to the risks inherent in the current global political and financial architecture, for which he has invoked radical processes of reform on several occasions. In this regard his work of 2005 “Sovereignity and Confidence - Principles for a New Global Architecture” is timely and premonitory.

In the light of the above, the lecture I have agreed on with Professor Savona is entitled “A New Bretton Woods to Decide on what? Some Thoughts about the Current Crises”.


The first edition of the Francesco Manzitti Prize is awarded to the engineer Giuseppe Zampini, Managing Director of Ansaldo Energia.

Zampini has had a top level management career in the energy sector.

Over the last ten years he has been heavily involved in the relaunch of Ansaldo Energia, a company in the Finmeccanica group, which at the end of the last century risked closure due to heavy losses and overindebtedness.

The definition of a clear strategy for relaunching the company, in particular the development of machine and plant maintenance work, termination of the licences and recovery of the company’s credibility on the international market are now fundamental elements of the new company.  

Ongoing improvement over the years in all the key economic parameters furthermore confirms the creation of a highly professional company which today represents the basis for the future development of Ansaldo Energia.

Another important element in this context is its commitment to nuclear energy.

Given the prejudices and adversities that resulted in our country excluding itself from this important sector, Zampini found himself operating in an extremely problematic and hostile context. With his considerable managerial talents, he could have moved to a more favourable sector with greater job satisfaction but he always refused the easy way out, preferring to tackle a very important cultural, technological and managerial challenge in the nuclear energy sector. Now that the prejudices have fallen away, our country and Genoa are ready – thanks to his commitment – to take advantage of the opportunities this sector offers in terms of economic development, skilled jobs and an important presence on the international markets.